Slithering golden snakes for hair betray the nature of this beautiful girl, no older than 17 years.


Selene is a half-medusa that lives in the Caves of Chaos. She is petite, with shapely long legs, pale skin, and striking snake-like green eyes. Perhaps even more striking is her short golden snakes for hair.


Through a combination of spells, diplomacy, and sometimes aggressive negotiations, she has pacified the various tribes. Using her influence, she kept the tribes from fighting each other and from raiding the nearby human settlements. Instead, she focused their power on stemming the tide of Black Scale. This all changed when a Cult of Mammon infiltrated her cavern and took her captive.

Selene was rescued by the party, who were oblivious to her nature at that point. Having been captive for months, Selene was disoriented and on the edge. At a critical moment during the defense of the caves against Black Scale’s minions, Selene escaped from the players, gathered the the tribes and joined the fight, albeit a little too late.

Now that she is back in power, Selene knows that she can no longer live in hiding anymore, and that things will never be the same again. The game has changed.


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